This weekend I plan on…
+ Finishing and posting a DIY Pantone Wall Canvas video on MACC.
+ Coveting these boots in gray SO HARD CORE I can taste them. Which is weird, but I’m cool with it. 
+ Due to our need to leave, packing up all of the summer vacation essentials we can think of and hitting the road. 
+ Swimming in the lake off of the house we are renting in the Catskills.
+ Yes we ARE packing our juicer so I can make fresh juice to drink post-swim, pre-fire pit.
+ Making gluten-free ‘smores over the aforementioned fire pit that is in the middle of the gardens in this amazing lake house. 
+ Wearing some DIY GEM-covered sunglasses while reading my new books.

+ Posting vacation photos on Instagram while we’re away.

I will still be posting here on Nest while away next week, but will focus on dreamy, lazy, lake house-worthy posts instead of the usual home decor moments that happen on the daily here on Nest. If I skip a day or two, it’s just because I’m too busy taking a sauna or a bath in the jacuzzi or swimming in the lake, Dirty Dancing-style. Enjoy your week!