Our bathroom was one of the first rooms to feel “finished” in the new place. It’s obviously the smallest room making this an easy fete. Aesthetic-wise, I knew I wanted to take our beachy bathroom into a tropical/jungle place. Art work is the main way to create this look, and I think we’re on our way. Above you’ll see my vintage tiger print from my dear friend Casey. It was once in her tv room in her childhood home and in our middle school years thought it was hilarious for some reason, so she gave it to me as a joke gift in college. It has since become a serious favorite and agives the room the jungle vibe I was hoping for. The red serpent mola my grandfather got in Panana and gallery wall add a layer of texture and warmth to the look and feel of the space. I love the juxtaposition of the warmth and texture of the artwork with the cool, clean, crisp white subway tile that lines the spa-like shower and the sink. Now a simple shower has gone from a functional routine to a more luxurious, “me-time” moment that I look forward to. VERY grown-up.

My other favorite elements of this room:
This washer/dryer combo. It is a TOTAL GAME CHANGER.
+ My World Market Ikat shower curtain.
+ The rainforest shower head.
+ The giant, modern medicine cabinet.
+ The dark gray tile floor.
+ Our vintage seagulls flocking the wall.
+ The window that looks out to the vibrant fall leaves in the backyard.

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