Summer is in full force with vacation photos filling up our feeds and making me just a little but jealous. I’ve been hard at work on some really exciting projects with some incredibly talented and lovely human beings. I’ve also been cooking up some exciting plans for MACC, my YouTube channel that has been a little neglected as of late. Not for long! I’ll fill you in on each job, video, and project as they roll out, and in the meantime, let’s catch-up on the DIY-front, shall we? I last shared with you my DIY Botanical Heart Art, since then you might want to check out:

/// White Box Challenge Unboxing ///

/// Episode 29: DIY White Challenge ///

/// White Box Challenge Reveal ///

/// White Box Challenge: Bloopers ///

/// Episode 30: Pyrite & Quartz Lucite Jewelry Boxes (pictured below) ///

Another DIY video will post today, with lots more creative content coming soon. I hope you are one of the many filling up your friend’s feeds with vacation photos, and I hope to join in those efforts soon enough!