don’t discount your weathered bathroom when creating a look for your home. you can work with almost any space, shape and colors. the photograph above is of three vintage items we put in the bathroom. the lucite purse was a gift from will a few years ago. he saw me holding it & loving it in halcyon, this great vintage store in richmond, va. the vintage black pattented leather hat box & pink metal suitcase were handed down to me from my nana & mom. they are used for storage.

this was being put on the curb for trash by a neighbor. the mirror that was in our aparment was a generic wooden medicine cabinet. will hated it and dismanteled it. we found this in the perfect robin’s egg blue.

as seen before, these are a picasso & matisse prints, a vintage teal blender from the coles family. used as storage.

this is our kaiku shower curtain from anthropology