An inspiring aesthetic to your work space is crucial. When you share that work space with your living space, it is even more important to have your creative area also be something lovey to look at.

Will and I run both of our independent companies out of our apartment in Brooklyn. Handstand Records and Enderby harmoniously share one large room, in which we have created two separate spaces. Our ‘headquarters’ is very well-organized and is filled with our taste, personalities, favorite images, icons, music and art.

Our creative space is an inspiring mix of old and new, with an eclectic collection of re-purposed vintage furniture, luggage, and containers to store and hold all of our materials, files and inventory.

I am a very visual person and the space and images around me have a heavy influence on how I think and feel. This is why, for me, it is vital to create a work and art space that inspires, refreshes, interests, and motivates me. I need harmony, peace, calm, organization, AND bright, bold, imaginative shapes, colors, prints, patterns and images. Finding that balance is ever-evolving work of art that we should all partake in.

This amazing vintage wooden sewing caddy from Sidedish helps me stay organized while working, while holding my supplies in a lovely fashion.
*Don’t forget to convo Sidedish, mentioning NEST, and you’ll save an extra 10%.

Send in the workspace in your NEST. Send in photographs of your ideas and show us how you create harmony in your home and work spaces. I am always excited to see refreshing ideas for storing and organizing files, papers and materials. NEST wants to see how you organize your materials in a way that is creative, and keeps the clutter clear (or at least hidden) when the work day is over.