Welcome to Alexandria, Virginia, the city where we grew up on Enderby Drive.

Just a short walk from our home was that of our grandparents, Adrian and Trudy Dykhuis. This is their garden and home.

Our Swiss and uber-stylish Grandma, Trudy Dykhuis, waters her famous azalea’s as Grandpa watches in his mustard shirt and tie.

A big, beautiful house on the corner of Braddock Road, Grandma and Grandpa, Trudy and Adrian Dykhuis, kept one of the most lovely gardens.

Grandpa had a nursery back in Holland, Felix & Dykhuis.

He clearly brought his green thumb over to the states along with these vibrant Dutch tulips.

Grandpa passed the green-thumb gene to my sister Lauren and my stepdad Jan, who took these photographs of his parents home.

The Dykhuis’s crisp white trellis and lattice made the rich colors of the blooms pop.

Gandering at this gorgeous garden, I can almost smell Spring!