Meet my nephew Che. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia in the best nest in town.

My sister Lauren has the most eclectic, aethestically-pleasing, inspiring and comfortable home.

I have learned so much from my nesting idol, and will forever be a sponge to her decor genius.

Lauren has traveled and lived internationally and her home reflects her rich cultural background.

From Malaysia to Moscow, Lauren’s hometowns are inter-woven into her home decor and the feel of her nest.

Vintage cigar poster we found in our grandparent’s attic.

Found branch, World Market snow flakes.

Antique photograph of the Capital in Washington, D.C.

Although a devout Democrat, Lauren’s parents, Wanda and Jan, first met working on Nixon’s campaign. Wanda received this signature from Tricky Dick when working for him in the 70’s.

Ashley G’s Sisters print I gave Lauren last March.

This is a paper cut piece we found at an antique store in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Apak prints.


Marimekko tray Laurie got in Finland.



Moxie and Ruby, both rescues, are the sweetest mutt and kitty, live here as well.

Gracie enjoying her aunt Lauren’s comfy couch.