Time Out New York was the first and only magazine subscription I had, and could afford, when I first moved to the city. TONY was always in my bag, doggy-eared, high-lighted, with pages torn out where I had grabbed a great write-up on a gallery, book signing or restaurant. It is the perfect guide to New York City. They also show fantastic neighborhoods, and have recently gone inside cool NY homes in their new section House Calls. So when they reached out to me and asked to feature OUR HOME, I died, and then said yes.

They did a huge and gorgeous spread, with even more photos on their website. To see the whole thing, click here.

With gorgeous photos by Imogen Brown and a well-written article by Francesca Soroka, the segment represents our home well. Imogen and Francesca are two really cool women who seemed to really get us and appreciate our home’s aesthetic. They genuinely were interested in knowing the stories behind each special piece in our home, and shared it perfectly in the article. Be sure to scroll on each photo to read more.

Some of these additional photos I found on Imogen’s website, or she sent them to me.