I love finding recycled, repurposed containers from different styles and genres. As I mentioned in the Sidedish Nest egg, I recently procured some vintage canisters for our home from different Etsy shops. The above yellow vintage, mod cylinders are some of my favorites. I love the bold, block lettering and modern lines.

Note the light mustard yellow new container that I have all of my organic oatmeal makings stored in, and the aluminum ‘Sugar’ container has organic, brown sugar and honey and tea. The Jack Daniels tin is from a bottle we bought a few years ago and is the perfect height for our chopsticks. Will and I found old antique Mason jars in the basement of this old Brooklyn family house we live in. We cleaned them out and use them as planters.

The two taupe porcelain canisters with the chocolate brown lids and flowers, have various teas and spices in them and once belonged in the retro kitchen of Will’s parents years ago.

The strawberries are super pretty cute!