I saw an image on Pinterest that made me want to figure out how to make something (hello, every day of my life). It was a mouth-watering, if not slightly blurry, photograph of zucchini chips. After many clicks I found no actual recipe so made one up that is really easy and renders a seriously delicious snack.

Drizzle sesame, olive, or grapeseed oil onto a baking sheet and lay out thinly-sliced zucchini, slightly over-lapping, onto it and drizzle a smidgen more on top.

 *I swear by this delicious Sesame Oil. It adds such a tasty flavor to your stir fry, veggies, or whatever you’re making. Saute` some garlic and almonds in this and you can get anyone to eat their brussel sprouts!

Sprinkle a little sea salt and parmesan cheese on top and bake in the oven on 350 for *30-45 minutes. Eat and enjoy!

*I give a window here because all ovens cook differently, really we should all have an oven thermometer to tell us just how off they can be. Mine usually takes longer so you may only need 30 minutes. It also depends on how crunchy you want them. I dig them with a crunchy texture so kept them in there a bit longer. Let me know what you find works for you in a comment!