Yesterday’s blog post was thwarted by an emergency trip to the vet, squeezed in between work and babysitting my tiny bestie. So here’s a re-cap:

The weekend was absolutely GORGEOUS here in New York City, and was made even more beautiful by the visit from my parents. We had the best time in perfect weather and ate like kings. We walked all through Central Park making a special stop for my dad and I at Strawberry Fields, ate lunch at A.G. Kitchen (OMG that pomegranate seed guac!), had dinner at Jolie Cantina (definitely try the lobster tacos), and had slices of NYC pizza per my dad’s request. My parents were so happy for us and our new home, new neighborhood, and new lease on life. In keeping with the tradition of new beginnings, my spider plant sprouted a new little baby plant for the first time in YEARS. A good sign? I choose to believe so.