I found this really cool cut paper card in Holland last Fall. Designed by Dutch designer Tord Boontje, I recognized the style. When we returned, I realized that this was the same designer who created the Midsummer Light.

In a great grass green, magenta and classic white, this amazingly detailed woodland scene is whimsical and practical.

An illuminating piece of art that transforms any space, this hanging pendant lamp would look amazing over a dining room table, sitting area or even your bed. My sister Lauren just got one and I can’t wait to see where she puts it in her home.

Tord Boontje designed the Until Dawn curtain. With incredible detail, this is seriously taking paper cutting to a whole other level.

A seriously cool combination of folk art, the craft of paper cutting and modern design that can be used as a curtain or wall hanging. We registered for this at CB2.