Lighting is key in creating a warm, inviting, cozy nest.

If you want a really reasonable lighting overhaul, Chinatown is a great resource.

If you are lucky enough to live near a Chinatown, then head down there. If not, Pearl River‘s website is a perfect substitute.

Pendant lamps from Pearl River are perfection! Placed in groups of the same color, an array of the same shade, or a cluster of different colors transform any space. We suspended three white pendant lamps from the center of our living room.

All white, but in three different shapes, hung at different lengths close together. We can have any one lamp on, two or all three depending on how illuminated we would like the room. The perfect solution to our lighting dilemna.

*Green Tip: Use a surge protector to turn off when not in use.

Standby power, also known as phantom power, is the wasted energy that devices consume while turned off, but still plugged into a power outlet. So attach items that can be turned off easily onto a surge protector to cut down the amount of energy you use and your electricity bill. Good stuff all ’round!
You can buy one here at Target. Or here at Home Depot.