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I Spy Design: Frankenweenie

Photo from my Instagram The Frankenstein’s enjoy dinner using a vintage Catherineholm fondue pot in Frankenweenie. //More Catherineholm posts//


“I get worried for young girls sometimes. I want them to feel  that they can be sassy and full and weird…

“That sounds like poetry.”

You know when you meet someone for the first time and it feels like coming home and you wonder how…


This is what an exquisite film looks like.


I would have picked Ducky. A die-hard best friend who loves you through your angst, bad-boy-faze, thrifted fashions and rocks…

Moonrise Kingdom



I THOUGHT I would marry Mikey (when I was 5-10ish), even based a first-grade friendship with Marissa O’Grady on our…


Thank you santa, moms, husband, brother-in-laws, dads who know me very well/shop my Amazon wishlist. There were so many sweet…

DIY 80’s Halloween Costumes

With our favorite holiday approaching, here are 5 rad 80’s costumes to DIY in time for Halloween! I worked with…

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