This weekend we ate some delicious food including homemade gluten-free nachos that will definitely be turning into a regular occurrence in this house. The last few weeks I was working around the clock, creating a dismal display of abuse. We redeemed ourselves with homemade pancakes and bacon, watermelon salad, bacon-wrapped dates (!!!), and this delish dish that my husband prepped and led. Thank you, Will!

To Make:

+ Load up your nachos onto a baking dish
+ Add shredded cheese. I suggest adding a layer of nachos, a layer of cheese, another layer of nachos, then another layer of cheese.

+ Add in your onions and beans, or whatever toppings you want baked.

+ Bake at 250 for about 10-15 minutes, or until your cheese is fully melted. 

+ When melted and smelly amazing, add in your other toppings. We went with heirloom tomatoes, avocado, fresh cilantro, lime juice, and Will added in some hot pepper. This part you can switch up each time to keep the recipe fresh and fun. 

What would you top your nachos with? It’s a great date-night dinner or fun for a party.