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Cooked This/Made This

+ Cooked these, this time with blueberries. + Held this. OHMYGODILOVEHER. + Made this simple summer veggie pasta salad. So easy…

Ate This/Listened to This/Went to This

+ Listened to this.                                  …

Lemon Mint Water

In the last week it went from being oddly cold and rainy to hot, humid, and sticky-as-a-mug (the technical term)….

Kitchen Must-Have

To ensure that my meals are next-level-delicious WHILE being totally respectful to my bank account AND easy to accomplish with…

Last Night’s Dinner

Lemon tilapia / Sauteed brussel sprouts / Organic vine ripened tomatoes

Recipe Staples

ALWAYS in our kitchen/on the grocery list: Ginger Spinach Coconut Oil Onions Always organic, all the time.

Spiced Roasted Seeds and Nuts

On our new prescribed diet, my husband’s food options are limited to items that are free of gluten, sugar, soy,…

Recipe: Crunchy Brussel Sprouts and Fennel

As I mentioned, my husband and I finally got a diagnosis for his deteriorating health and a HUGE part of…

Citrus Salad Redux

A couple of weeks ago Joanna Goddard posted a mouth-watering Citrus Salad on Cup of Jo, made and shared by…

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