“I just think that as designers we need to be responsible because we have a voice to tell people what to wear and what not to wear. We all need to be responsible now whether it be with the environment, or cruelty in fashion. It’s so unnecessary. And with technology today, those who love the look and feel of leather and fur, we can totally imitate that. Imitation is life, there’s no reason for slaughter of animals for something as frivolous as fashion.”
-Marc Bouwer

i’m sorry to the sports fans -most likely they are not reading a ‘Style Guide’- I didn’t even know the Super Bowl was on yesterday til it was over. i exagerate slightly, but honestly, for me the real Super Bowl is Fashion Week here in New York. i can’t even begin to go on about all of the amazing designs out there on the runway, i have to get back to it. but here is a brief spotlight on one man to applaud.
bravo to designer Marc Bouwer, who made fashion history in 2002 with his fur-free line and continues to only use faux fur in his designs. His new line has stunning lines, silhouettes like those in old Hitchcock films. the use of stark white or the all-black profiles give an old Hollywood look, almost a film noir feel.
bravo, Marc Bouwer for creating these lovely faux fur coats. if you must rock the fur, look at these lavish zebra prints. i eat meat. i get it, but no matter what, i think rockin’ the fur is not so cool. that’s just my style.

love this silhouette and great color combination. way too skinny of a lady though. at least there is progress with the newHealth Guidelines for Models. at least it’s a start. Props to Madrid & Milan for starting that. It’s about bloody time.