Upcycling vintage planters is one of my many collections.

We added a few recently on our trip to Cabin Point with Will’s fantastic mom, Mrs. C, leading the way at the antique mall.

Here are a few on Etsy that caught my eye. Earthgatherings and Dead Bird Finds (of course) shops have collections of great animal planters.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, these make great storage jars for spools of thread, buttons, keys by the front door, the mail, or spatulas or scissors, whatever you need to store in there.

Fool-proof planter formula:

*You’ll Need:

-a handful of rocks or gravel
-a plant
-a chopstick or fork

*To Do List:

-put handful of gravel at the base of planter
-fill the planter with soil about 1/3-1/2 way full
-gently place the plant and it’s roots in the planter
-fill the rest up with soil
-gently push the fork or chopstick into the topsoil several times, being very careful not to puncture the roots
-pour a small trickle of waer in to lightly saturate the roots in their new home, without flooding the planter and spilling topsoil

This is a very cool upcycled tire planter from Dutchess Craft‘s shop.