Welcome to Rob and Corinne’s Williamsburg, Brooklyn pad.

Filled with beautiful recycled mid-century teak, an array of antique and new books, and an incredible collection of indie art, this home is brimming with positive, loving energy.

Their couch is perfect. So comfy and a fantastic vintage rust upholstery. These mustard pillows are made out of recycled sweaters. Fantastic.

Always adding to your collection of art and photographs make for an ever-evolving home.

This is a photograph of Rob’s grandfather in Brooklyn, with one of Rob’s photos as the matte.

Corinne’s Grandmother made this pitcher and basin.

We filled it with flowers before Rob and Corinne’s Florida-style Housewarming Party.

Oh, how I adore this Eames-era credenza.

Relics from their past, pieces of their life and loved ones make this home almost as warm as the inhabitants.