Well, we’ve been singing beagle’s praises for years, but I’m glad the West Minster Kennel Club finally caught on.

This is my Super Bowl. West Minster Kennel Club Dog Show has been on the last two nights. It is so fun to watch and this year was extra-enjoyable, as one of the very best breeds won Best in Show. The Thurman-a-riffic BEAGLE!

You can read the article in the NY Times.

MY best in show pick will always be our beloved Thurman Allan Cole. He passed away, but he will be a part of our pack forever.

You can make a donation to the The Beagle Rescue Foundation of America right HERE.

*Please, always RESCUE dogs, cats and other animal friends you bring home. There are countless buddies already out there who need a home, and most breeders and pet stores are less than ethical, not to mention, kind. Rescuing and adopting is a charitable and green act in itself. What could be more earth-friendly than taking care of animals?

In honor of Thurman, a true animal rescue success story, here is an animal rescue link list that I will continue to add to.


Pet Finder
-PetFinder by state
BARC Shelter in Brooklyn, NY
Alexandria Animals

If you make a donation to the Beagle Rescue or the ASPCA, please let me know to receive a free Enderby gift.

All of our animals have been rescues, and my friends and family have done the same. Here are just a few…..

Ryley Busser J. Ulrich

Pilot Scribner

Thurman ‘Bubba’ and Gracie Strudel Allan Cole

Moxie and Ruby Dykhuis

Duffy Wilson

Regulus Arcturus Cartner Cole

Attie and Blitz Allan

Oreo Enderby Allan

Marie and Max Thompkins

Iggy Pop Worlay

Katie Shuff

Mike Patton and Parker Posey

New additions added April 5th, 2010….

Milo Shoeshine Cole, adopted from Sugar Mutts

***Please send in your success stories and photographs to show people how wonderful it is to bring home a rescued animal. E-mail megallan@gmail.com