On this Earth Day, let’s spread the green gospel and make some changes in our home and lives.

Hug a tree by PLANTING TREES! You can virtually plant trees at Trees for the Future. Get a group of friends together and plant a forest for just $100.

EATING ORGANIC 101: Here are the 12 food items that consistently contain higher traces of agricultural chemicals. These are the items to start with when CHOOSING ORGANIC:

-Bell peppers

Try the organic challenge, on Mission Organic, you can sign a pledge of your commitment to make a tenth of your eating organic. If the organization reaches it’s goal, pesticides will disappear from 98 million daily servings of drinking water and hormones will disappear from 20 million daily servings of milk.

Now, let’s talk about water. While water makes up 75% of our earth’s surface, less than 1% is drinkable. This is a resource that is about to be monopolized by big businesses and desperately needs to be conserved. Here’s how we can cut down on our water consumption. Use a water filter on your tap and use refillable metal water bottles from Sigg.

These are much healthier than plastic water bottles, create less of waste, and come in a variety of rad designs.

Even if you recycle plastic water bottles, a lot of energy goes into bringing those bottles to the recycling center, and so on. If you must purchase plastic water bottles, try for a more local company. Some are flown into the states from places as far away as FIJI. Yes the bottles are pretty, but that is a lot of wasted gas and energy.

Instead use 1 bottle that can be refilled with filtered water and cleaned. You save money, water and energy. Make the pledge and learn more at Filter for Good.

Do your best this Earth Day, and every day, to take responsibility for your carbon footprint.