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Lolita’s Treehouse

This looks so lovely and fun. A high-design Swiss Family Robinson. Thank you, Lolita.

Sydney’s Orchid

I love orchids and have had many through the years. Mine didn’t survive my move to New York almost seven…

Green Guide

My siblings (step, half and in between) and I try to all get together when we are home for the…

It’s Finally Time



This is where my husband and dog were in the middle of the night last night celebrating a historic and…

6 Days

As these kids express so well…you can vote however you want. Just get out there on November 4th and take…

My Very Own Tomatoes Part II

My tomatoes are ripe and ready. I picked my very first tomatoes from my garden. It is all-too-perfect that today…

“Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits”

No words could describe how proud Hillary Clinton makes me. Proud to be a woman. Proud to be a Democrat….

Bravo, Michelle

And Happy 88th anniversary to women. It was 88 years ago that we got our right to vote, Ladies. In…

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