This week has already been a bit scary but today is the only day it SHOULD be. HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! I hope you are having a fun and festive day despite all we are facing on the east coast. For a lot of us, Halloween is all-but-cancelled, so the rest of you please go all out for us! For some killer costume ideas for tonight, including some really quick & easy last-minute costumes and props to DIY, check out my Halloween playlist FILLED with fun ideas.

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I LOVE a clever costume like this one, by my friend Emmie McMackin, who is dressing up as FRENCH KISS. Adorably hilarious.

Our darling Corinne Leigh has posted some excellent Halloween videos that you must catch. There are costume AND creepy decor ideas in them so be sure to watch Mummy Costume & Decor on Recreate, DIY Cleopatra costume and Slender Man Costume on Threadbanger. Watch, subscribe to everythign Corinne ever does, and enjoy.

Enjoy your Halloween! Be safe and have fun!