As I mentioned, we are packing up and going to a cabin in the Poconos with some friends for Thanksgiving. My girl, Shivonna, and I always head up the ‘Brooklyn Friendsgiving’ and by head up I mean have meetings where we plan each dish and then coordinate the serving piece for each dish accordingly. These serving dishes often have Post-Its on them specifying their function a week in advance. We have this thing down to a science. This year’s exodus poses a new challenge, one we welcome armed with an OCD-fueled enthusiasm and longer to-do lists involving packing everything we own. Or at least a tablescape. See the  below conversation I had with my husband over IM yesterday:
Me: Your wife just packed a tablescape.
Will: YEAH!!! (What does that mean?)
Me: Table decor with an aesthetic vision.
Will: Of course.
A little taste of our ‘organic modern woodsy’ tablescape. More photos to come when we arrive at the cabin. When I say cabin I mean an actual house that has more modern conveniences than my Brooklyn apartment (dishwasher/washer/dryer) but let a city girl have her CABIN MOMENT.