We returned from our Thanksgiving in the Poconos, and the very next day I had a Christmas shoot for Corinne’s new series Recreate on About.com. This gave us the motivation/reason/excuse to jump right into the holiday spirit in the Cole household, so we went to our trusty tree guy right across the street from us and found a beauty. She is the perfect size for our living room, and more importantly, our dogs. Now our home smells of Christmas and twinkles like a DIY atomic star atop the tree.

I love a mid-century retro aesthetic infused with a woodland wintery feel for the holiday season (yeah, I know). I have some lovely glass ornaments that bring this era to life, and some modern DIY diamond ornaments that I made last year. This year, I wanted to bring the modern feel of our apartment’s design into our holiday decor, so made some modern geometric embroidery ornaments with Corinne for her next Recreate video. See the first episode of Recreate with Corinne and I crafting together here and click to see what we made this time below the jump.

I will certainly post the link to the video on Nest when it debuts, but you are definitely getting the first sneak peek at the geometric ornaments.

What is YOUR holiday decor theme this year? I hope you and your family are happy and healthy as the holiday approaches.