We are wrapped, painted, packed and ready to leave for State College, PA for our 3rd family Christmas with my mom and step dad. I CAN NOT wait to sit in front of the fire in their newly renovated home that once belonged to my grandparents. It will be a cozy, relaxing, and fun weekend that will wrap up weeks of hand-making and wrapping a colorful sea of gifts for incredibly-deserving nearest and dearest loves.

Aside from all the wrapping, some highlights of Part I of our Christmas Tour included, but aren’t limited to….

A screening of dear friend Casey Wilson’s incredibly hilarious (cheeks-hurt-funny) film Ass Backwards. The film is incredibly funny and genuine and I just think about it and laugh and beam at the talent of such a sweet girl.
Pictured: Tiny Illuminated villages. Not pictured: A way-too short visit after with some of my best girlfriends whom I adore and can’t live without. And wine/margaritas/Jack Daniel’s.

Bowties on boys and beagles. Enough said.

And Cabin Point. (Not pictured: spiked cider)

Our return involved a several day staycation/BED IN celebrating a DECADE of love. Party of two, with the only exception being two small dogs, K-k-k-atie, and Hubble. Um, excuse me.

During it all, I have been hammering out the details of some very exciting new endeavors with some very solid human beings. Upon my return from our third and final Christmas I will dive in (HEAD FIRST) to a million different projects and, as always, will be sharing them with you here and here. Have a lovely weekend and while I’m away, do yourself a favor and mull yourself some spiked cider. It does a body GOOD.