Will and I are richer than the richest in the parental unit category. We have six incredibly supportive and amazing folks and I know NOT where we’d be without them. Yesterday we returned from the third and final holiday installment and are still beaming from the lovely and generous Christmas visit.

My parents home is the warmest and most welcoming place in the whole world. Growing up my friends would always comment on that, particularly how incredible it smelled. Like home. The visit was too short and relaxing to stop and take too many photos, but I snapped a couple for instagram, of course.

My mom’s collection of Swedish figurines. I have always LOVED these and this year I got some of my own(!!!).

The IMPOSSIBLE-to-leave-out Dog by the Fire photos.

One of the many homemade gifts I made this year.

A beautiful sunset in State College, PA.

An old photo of my mom after a DIY-bang haircut. She looks quite pleased with herself.