I made this Home in Where You are as a Valentine for my dear husband, but it would also make a lovely gift any time of year for someone you love.


Step 1:  Make a little cardboard house or find one at your local craft store.

Step 2: Paint it 2 contrasting colors like white and gold.

Step 3: Write out some of the reasons you adore you darling on colored paper. Be as broad or specific and as serious or silly as you want. Love has many shades and hues to it, represent as many as you can.

Step 4: Roll each piece of paper into a tube and fill your home with love as your partner does for you.

One of the wonderful things about this gift is the giver can keep adding to it and you the recipient can read these love notes any time they need a pick-me-up or reminder. 
Who would YOU make one for?