This past holiday weekend I…

Juiced these delicious apples, oranges, and lemons / Ground this pink himalayan sea salt + mixed it with ground cloves / Poured these delicious mocktails

Made TWO types of gluten-free stuffing, Gillian’s + Glutino, and held a taste test. The preferred result: A COMBO OF THE TWO

MADE THIS. MY FIRST TURKEY! I prepared it on my own (yikes!) and with the help of my husband Will and best buddy Dejon, we basted and roasted this delicious Trader Joe’s turkey to herbed perfection. It was, and it’s leftovers remain, DELICIOUS. 
Dressed the table with these simple berries. After days of prep and shopping, and a full day of non-stop cooking, we savored every morsel of our Thanksgiving dinner reward. I hope your holiday was warm, wonderful, and filled with loved ones.