It’s the most wonderful time of the year and also the BUSIEST. The last couple of weeks I have been juggling the first three episodes of HGTV Handmade while trying to keep up with Christmas prep for my wonderful families. I usually have a bit more time and space to revel in the holiday spirit, but this year has proven to be more challenging. I’m getting there and trying to shift out of work-mode and into a more relaxed, Christmas vibe. Are you guys accomplishing this yet? Tonight the DIY wrapping begins and that will help with the shift. As will our trip to my parents next week. The holiday spirit is all around our home, but this is nothing compared to how warm and festive my mom and dad’s house will be when we arrive there on Monday. I can just smell the mulling spices now and can’t wait to countdown to Christmas with the woman makes every holiday so special. My mom embodies the Christmas spirit all year ’round, so come December 25th, there is no one in the world better to share the day with. See you soon, mom!