Christmas with my mom and stepdad was just wonderful this year. It was a chill, relaxed few days of crackling fires, delicious food, snuggly dogs, and the comforting company of my parents and husband. 
Last week we…
+ Ate this yule log, along with my mom’s lobster rolls, her DIY egg-white McMackins, steamed dungeness crab, standing rib rack, and my frittata. We ate like kings and returned with enough food to feed a gluten-free army.

+ Drank these pomegranate seed, cranberry, citrus mocktail. We added lemon salt to the rim and it was to-die-for. 

+ Cozied up next to this roaring fire with the cutest and sweetest pups in the world. 

+ Yeah, okay, maybe Gracie and I took a few selfies togeths. Do we look alike? I hope so.

 + Wrapped one of my gifts for my parents with the help of DIY pom pom Frosty. 
We are home safe and sound and are ready for the New Year! Are you?