I hope you are having a week filled with love. Be it from your Galentine’s or your boo, take a moment to breathe in the love and cherish the ones you hold dear. I just received a box in the mail from my sweet mom filled with a few Valentine’s Day gifts. The sight of this made me well up a little due to the thoughtfulness involved. I haven’t even opened up a gift, but I already got the present of knowing I will always be my mom’s Valentine. That, alone, has me bringing with gratitude and love.

I’ve mentioned before that I am lucky enough to have 2 moms and 2 dads. All 4 of my parents are on my mind and in my heart right now, even more than they usually are. They are all going through a lot and as their kid it kills me not to live so close I am come over and be there for them. IN PERSON. It’s hard to have home on the mind and in your heart, yet miles, work, and mountains of snow make the trek impossible. Hopefully my love is reaching them, and they know I am there in spirit. I always am.

To close, one thing I have no love at all for: cancer. F@$& cancer. That is all.