This week I shot the first 2 episodes of HGTV Handmade and last weekend we celebrated our best friend in the Catskills. Work and life has been insanely busy right now, meaning my dear friend Christmas hasn’t gotten it’s moment to shine like a string of twinkling lights just yet. Usually we would have had the perfect Christmas tree with wrapped presents underneath by now, but it’s been so hectic that we are incredibly late to the festive game. I am so excited that finally THIS weekend Christmas is coming to the Cole household! Tonight we are getting our tree and will add the magical lights. Tomorrow we will decorate it with same-said best friend while watching Christmas movies, baking treats, wrapping presents, and revelling is the aromatic scent of the balsam fir that will be shining in our living room. I can hear the soundtrack of Love Actually now.
Photo of the coolest ring ever found on Pinterest.