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This is how we texted in the ‘90’s. The memes are correct.

Today we lay to rest our dear Jan in Arlington National Cemetery. I know he would be so proud to have his final wishes carried out with such honor. Cherish every day with your family. ❤️

Happy 3 months of Frankie Turnip! (On the 10th but still.) It’s remarkable how you can fall so deeply in love with your dog so quickly. No matter how long you get to be with them, they leave an impression on you for a lifetime. Sounds cheesy but it’s for real. We are super grateful for this squiggly snuggly sweet Turnip and @alexanimals for being such a well-run animal shelter that saves so many lives like Frankie’s

“We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.”
Toni Morrison

Photo via @ilhanmn

I had plans to do some basic human-ing this week but apparently IT’S NOT IN THE CARDS.

V I B E ✨ By @drawnbymary

I was carefully getting the phone to take a photo of the water but when I turned the camera on it was flipped to selfie mode. This usually results in me catching a glimpse of myself from below looking like Ursula the Sea Witch but instead this is what I saw. She’s more beautiful than the water even from behind.


CONGRATULATIONS @uswnt 🎉⚽️🏆⚽️🎉

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