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Percival Lafer’s 1965 interior, @dwellmagazine

Us. Forever to 2009-ish 📷 @resterday

INT. Living Room 〰 Somehow my hunting and gathering skills made it so we did not pay full price for any of these pieces

How I envision rooms in heaven but with more dogs. ◽️〰◽️ @paradiso_ibiza via @designmilktravels

THIS HOCKNEY 💦 via @the__inside

From my Design Archives to this minimalist moment in the Midcentury Modern Movie Buff Makeover for @joelrusso on @hgtv with art from @concepcion_studios. Yes, that is sexy faux leather wallpaper

“Always know for a time, y’all and her were not only happy but perfect.” .
I miss her so much it hurts to breathe, so I try to catch my breath and exhale into the love and gratitude for Gracie. I look for her everywhere and see her in the periphery of everything and feel her in my dreams. Sometimes a soul mate and spirit guide can come to you in a tiny little package that looks like a dog that you think you are rescuing but truly she was sent here to rescue you and your family over and over again. Rescue a dog once and save yourself a million times.

Mood: Delta Burke’s facial expression in this photo 💁🏻 How Ms. Burke (a clue) never portrayed Patsy Ramsey in a Lifetime movie astounds me to this day. Also, could someone please go ahead and Knight the makeup artist who contoured those cheeks?

5 Women to Watch / Female Run Projects & Spaces to Watch
1: Mia Brett co-founded the @theawparty to support and empower female candidates in a grassroots effort to diversify our representation. We march. We vote. We run. We support female candidates, especially women of color.

2: @daykarobinson is an Atlanta-based interior designer, traveler, and epic truth teller who just launched a line of intention bracelets. A simply lovely way for those of us juggling TOO MUCH to slow down and return to ourselves and our intentions through the day. Beautifully designed by a powerfully independent woman.

3: Deanna Cheng’s has a hilarious, witty, and informative podcast for those of us who are still rollin’ with the homies when we should be bae af is my new aesthetic. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Learn How to be Less Old in this @htblo podcast because that’s how the kids would tell you to do it.
4: @emeraldandfigdesigns is Emmie McMackin’s rad and woke embroidery business that creates fun, fresh, and original designs. Emmie was one of my first friends in life and I was so inspired to see her March series where she gave us a glimpse into how she runs her business of sweet gifts and home decor pieces she makes by hand. I want them alllll.

5: @wearehappyperiod is a social movement bringing healthcare Period products to low-income women. Creating normalization of periods and Period equity is an intersectional feminist issue we need to embrace as our menstruation indicates our overall health

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