This was us yesterday when my body was filled with so much endometriosis that my organs were displaced and even fused together in at least one area. This dude, my parents, and incredible team of doctors took such good care of me, and NYC endometriosis specialist and surgeon Dr. Iris Orbuch took a bunch of endometriosis out, and Dr. Ansari removed my endo-ridden appendix. I’m home safe and sound, in A LOT of pain, and very grateful to be on the other side of this. I know it’ll be a long road to recovery, getting me to about 60% by 6 weeks, but I’m excited to get my health and life back little by little each day. You’re gonna hear this tigress roar and help others get treated earlier, but until then, thank goodness I have this wonderful husband, my family, friends and pups to take care of me.
Much gratitude for the outpouring of love. I took it all with me in that operating room, and am holding onto it now.

Love, light, hope, & health to you. 💛💛💛 #endometriosis #endowarrior #endo #endometriosisawareness #yesallwomen #femalesarestrongashell #ittakesavillage

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