This is our lovely yellow half-C, late 60’s/early 70’s couch that we love dearly.

Our needs have changed and we are selling this piece, hopefully to a friend who will give it a warm, cozy, colorful new home. A classic and bold design piece, this is an investment in the aesthetic future of your home.

We bought this couch 4 years ago and have taken good care of it during it’s lounge-tastic run in our home. The cushions are being professionally cleaned right now, something we have done a few times a year by easily removing them. This black-hole-of-cozy (in the BEST possible way) seats up to 4-5 people, and LOUNGES 3 very nicely. We have watched YEARS worth of television and films on this couch (entire series of The Wire, X Files, Friday Night Lights, to name a few). I highly recommend getting some great retro trays to eat dinner on because once you have it YOU WON’T WANT TO LEAVE!

If interested, please e-mail to discuss pricing. We are looking in the $300 range, or best offer. You have to arrange pick-up.