Over two Christmases ago, I sat my mom down in front of the computer and took her to the Pendleton website and showed her their Glacier Park Blanket. I said something as convincing as: “I have coveted a Pendleton blanket for years, and I keep coming back to this design. I really believe this is the blanket for me.” My mom listened, and clicked, and this year my beloved, toasty, snuggle, GORGEOUS blanket was under the tree.

It now resides on our bed. Or on the couch. Or the lounge chair. Basically WHEREVER GRACIE AND I ARE, THERE THE PENDLETON IS.

The mountain design was just MADE to go with my mountain paintings. The colors are so soothing and perfect.

I adore the buffalo, teepee, and bear silhouettes. As always, Pendleton has the classic stripes that make it authentic. It has come in REAL HANDY this week when our heat conked out on us and New York was freaking freezing. I work from home so could not escape it, and was reduced to Linus-ing it around the whole house to keep warm. Ahhh, it worked.

It seems that Milo approves. As does Strudel.

THANK YOU MOM + JAN!!!! xoxxoox