I have A THING for dishware. The thing is that I love it and I collect/boarderline-hoard it. I a New York apartment this is no small fete, so we must keep it organized. That’s…the thing. While it is kinda organized and pretty clean, let’s give it a moment in the spotlight, shall we? This is a vintage 3 piece ceramic canister set that looks like fiestaware, which is fantastic since we collect fiestaware.

A couple of pieces of the aforementioned Fiestaware next to a collection of vintage Pyrex bowls. I. Love. These. Recall my previous post, Pyrex is the New Tupperware.

New Catherineholm, in a blue lotus design, sitting amid our Le Crouset collection which double as heavy weights. If you’d like to see more, go on a full tour of our kitchen from June 2012, go to this post with a slew of gorgeous photos by Jared Roessler.