I am FEELING a deep aching need for a beach vacation in my bones right now but sadly have nothing of that nature on “the books”. Until I figure out that ole’ chestnut, let’s gaze dreamily at the beachy elements in my bathroom and just pretend.

Non-beachy but rad: the chevron vintage cabinet that I refurbished on Curbly.

10 Beach Decor Ideas:

+ A DIY Nautical lamp that I made on CRAFT.

+ A bamboo raft photograph taken in Thailand by Ben Freshman.

+ A vase filled with collected shells and rocks from the beaches you’ve traveled to. In mine I have  remnants collected from Siesta KeyFlorida / Maine / Portugal / LewesDelaware / Cabin Point / and Montauk over the last 15 years.

+ A vintage black and white photograph of someone elses’s beach house that I bought on ebay. Apparently, I am okay with having old photographs of strangers in my intimate spaces. 

 + A photo of my mom in college in a tropical South Moon Under frame. South Moon Under was always my sister’s and my favorite store off of the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk.

+ Woven fans from World Market.

+ Ikat shower curtain from World Market.

+ Blown glass orbs with little fish inside. My dear friend Dejon gave me these and they have very sentimental value.

+ A vintage Latin astronomy print that my stepdad had framed and gave to Will for Christmas a couple of years ago. Star-gazing is my favorite night-time beach activity, by far, so anything astronomy feels like I am laying on the sand at night to me.

+ A vintage nautical oil lamp that I bought in Lewes, Delaware donned with Christmas lights because it’s just ALWAYS the season for Christmas lights.