I love the Plants as Curtains look and have been wanting to create a plantalones screen in the kitchen that would allow light in but keep neighbors eyes out. For a while, I was digging the glass shelves idea seen here, but our windows don’t allow for that with their molding (PLUS) and juxtaposition to our armoir (minus). My friends have heard me verbally and lazily plot this idea for years, and this weekend we finally took the short steps necessary to bring this idea into fruition. 

While I was useless and clutching this to my tummy-ache, my handsome/able-bodied/non-cramp-having husband did the dirty work.


1- Measure and locate the center of the window using a measuring tape.
2- Measure 10-12″ inches out from the wall, give or take depending on the width of your plant.
3- Screw a ceiling swag hook into the ceiling. If you have a drop ceiling or can’t locate a stud, you’ll need to use a spring toggle wing (it opens up to be a T-shape) as shown in this kit.

We started with these two plants from the sunroom in my parent’s sold D.C. home, and we’ll keep adding to create a more dense and lush look to the wall. It’s a great green start to a kitchen that has plants as curtains!

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