Here is a sneak peek of the organization happening in my work space/supply storage room via my instagram feed. The graphic bulletin board that I made for Rue Daily demands a clean and lovely space so I am doing my best to bring the rest of room up to par. Before last weekend, the “office” was really a catch all for everything that I couldn’t deal with in the months that our personal life took over. The room was a sorry sad mess that was so bad I couldn’t even take the time to take a ‘before’ pic, I had to just fearlessly and without hesitation dive into the pit of despair in search of order and cleanliness. This is the equation that it took:

4 days of excavating and sorting craft supplies + 1 trip to Ikea + 1 expedite – 2 superfluous pieces of furniture – half of a car full of donations + 3 full bags of trash + several empty vessels and bins to divy up needed supplies + 1 label maker = sanity restored to our clean, clear, workspace (the sound of heaven’s gates opening up, or just the beginning of ‘The Simpsons’ theme song)

While looking for the original Rue Daily link I stumbled across Apartment Therapy’s feature on my bulletin board. Thanks AT!