There are countless little moments every day that make it clear that we found our home. It just feels right here. 
One of my favorite reasons for this certainty is the balcony off our kitchen that opens up to the backyard. We sit here and read the paper, sip coffee, eat our meals, and experience a moment of peace outdoors that I’ve always wanted. The dogs love to join us out there and watch the goings on in the backyard and feel the breeze on their faces. I watched a squirrel forage for nuts while listening to the clucking of a neighbor’s chickens the other day and wondered WHO AM I? What is this new, refreshing life that this New Yorker used to a concrete jungle is living on a brownstone block? How did I get here? I actually mused out loud “I can’t believe I live here” while walking down my dream block yesterday. 
I can not believe it. But I’ll take it.