We packed up the animal babies and drove down to have our annual summer trip to Cabin Point with my wonderful in-laws this weekend and had a really relaxing time. They have a house on the northern neck of the Chesapeake and it truly is one of the most relaxing places on earth. We picked crab, romped with dogs, swam, ATE and DRANK.

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 My mother-in-law, Barbara Cole, is the Crab Picker Sensei. She has a method so precise that it truly is an art form. Sitting on the deck picking crabs and talking with Barbara a favorite summer past-time of mine, and this year my vegetarian-turned-pescetarian husband, Will, joined us.

We also had the pleasure of meeting (and bringing into the crab feast) a rad addition to the family, the lovely Erika, my brother-in-law’s girlfriend, and her awesome rescue dog Turk. Sadly I didn’t get photos of everyone all together, as my hands were quickly taken over by all that is involved with crab-picking, but I did document Will’s very first crab experience. A vegetarian for 15 years, Will recently started eating fish and this summer he has been reveling in all of the seafood his newfound pescetarianism allows.

Mostly, the vacation went to the dogs, as everything should. One of my favorite parts of Cabin Point is that we can leave the dogs off the leash and let them run and romp around pretty freely. It warms my heart to no end to see my darlings run free in the grass. It does NOT, however, warm their hearts to go into (or even NEAR) water, so they stayed on dry land while their cousins Casey & Turk swam for hours. Truly, this place is dog heaven on earth.

Ah, summer, how did you fly by so quickly?