This week was a whirlwind of crazy on the personal front for me. 
Wires from my husband’s HEAD

PERSONALLY, I stayed in a foldout chair next to my husband‘s hospital bed as he was being monitored and tested for some things. We ruled out scary stuff, which is great, but don’t really have any solid answers (FRUSTRATING). We just have to keep searching for answers. Maybe I’ll share more of this later, I just don’t even know. What I DO know is that I always want to share what I make.

PROFESSIONALLY: While I was hanging tough with with the kind nurses and doctors in the neurology wing of Beth Israel, my DIY Feather Wreath tutorial debuted on Rue Magazine’s newly-launched Rue Daily. A fun weekend project that will be a statement piece welcoming your loved ones into the threshold of your home.

Whimseybox, a DIYer’s best friend and source for projects, supplies, and inspiration, featured my DIY Arrows project on their rad site. Check it out just in time to prep for Valentine’s Day.


PERSONAL/PROFESH: Somehow I am mustering up the energy to attend a screening of She’s A Rebel at The Nickle Series with my bestie girlie Daisy. Then I shall nap forever, as my mom so aptly said “Staying in the hospital is no Ritz.” But I will nap very gratefully that Will and I don’t have to add brain tumor to our list of things we have survived together. Good health to you all!