Williamsburg, Brooklyn
My work, my writing, and my passion is all about showing you how to make your house a home. Home is the most important place in the world, and I’ve always put huge importance on the space I live in. While packing up all of our earthly belongings in preparation to leave the space we’ve called our home for almost a decade, I can’t help but ask myself, on a deeper level, what really makes my house a home? What are we taking with us to our new place that makes the four walls around us a sacred place in which we live? 
There are the physical relics of our life, the items passed down from those we’ve loved, the art that moves something inside of us, the photographs that captured moments passed. Most importantly, of course, is our family. While packing up all of the rest, I’m realizing that if nothing else remained other than Will, Gracie, and Milo, I would be home. THEY are my home. They are my family, my heart, my whole life walking around in 3 special beings, and the only ones who can transform a house into a home for me. This last year, I faced the reality that I might lose two of them. There were times in the last year and a half that both my husband’s health and Gracie’s were at grave risk. I had to breath and exist and get up every morning living in the realization that I might have to wake up one day soon without them. In those times I knew for absolute certain that even if my body survived that, my soul would lose its home forever. Just typing those words shifts something deep inside me. I hope you never know what that feels like. 
I still can’t believe we’ve made it this far, that we’ve walked through the darkness and can feel the light of hope and safety on our face. I am forever different for surviving this year. Forever appreciative on a level I’ve never known before. Forever will my definition of home be redefined. 

 Siesta Key, Florida 
 Lewes, Delaware

 Alexandria, Virginia

 Portland, Maine
 Asheville, North Carolina

Photo credits: 1 + 4-Wendy Hickock, 2-self-timer, 3-Matt Allan, 5-a ferry rider, 6-Shivonna Randazzo