woody allen captures the essence of new york city better than anyone. the opening sequence of ‘manhattan’ is an incredible and personal homage to the city that never sleeps. shot in black and white, and with allen’s insistence that the film only be released in wide screen sweeten the experience. the montage with george gershwin’s rhapsody in blue gives me goosebumps every time.

the fashion in allen’s films is always an interesting addition to each one. the clothes seem to be an extension of the person, and tend to tell a story about who they are. diane keaton’s famous wardrobe  in annie hall consists of ties, vests, and blazers give her a youthful, disheveled, & layered look.

allen’s interiors give new york real estate junkies a high no other can. a great example is allen & keaton’s apartment in ‘manhattan murder mystery’. the apartment is just so new york, filled with art, books, real life on top of itself. the old canal street sign above their bed is SUCH an amazing find. i love it and think about it all the time. it’s truly a coveted piece that anchors the wole bedroom in such a simple, urban style.

in ‘husband’s and wives’, allen’s comment on ingmar bergan’s ‘scenes from a marriage’ a piece of brilliance of it’s own. read more here), woody used mia farrow’s real apartment. the authenticity of collected art, rows of framed pictures, antiques and rows of books serves the film in that you truly feel like you are a fly on the wall, intimately watching a marriage crumble right before your eyes.