You can read Brightest Young Things Enderby interview as Stylistics 2 approaches.

In which we showcase the designers who will make you feel special on April 21st at STYLEistics.
BY ASKING THEM THE EXACT SAME QUESTIONS. allowing for ease of compare and contrastness and all.
(And ALSO allowing us to be excited about them without having to think of individual questions for the whole dozen of them)

We continue with Meg Allan of Enderby Designs and NEST (

How did it all begin?
My sister, Lauren, and I moved up to New York City and had the daunting task of affording holiday gifts for our remarkably huge family, while being on a very tight budget. We both have always loved making things and of course, like all sisters, crafted as kids. We went and just bought a bunch of materials and started working. Lauren is also one of my best friends so we could literally just sit and sew and talk for ever. Talking about how we would start a sisters-owned company and work and hang out for the rest of our lives. A few years later, a good move for Lauren, but a sad one for me, she left New
York. I still had this ideal picture in my head of starting my own, earth-friendly, green business, but had no idea how. I wasn’t until Fall 2005, when our rescue beagle was getting older and needed more care that I started realistically breaking down the beginning steps. I thought, why not just start it now? What am I waiting for? So, with my birthday money, bought my first supplies and started working. Now, a year and a half later, Enderby has grown into a full-time company that
sells my designs through shops, boutiques, my website, ETSY, Renegade Craft Fair, and more.
Tell us about the name,and why of all the other names available in the world, why, why did you choose it?
Enderby is the street that I grew up on. And I just love the word,
Who/what is your style inspiration?
My nana, Coco Chanel, French cinema, Jackie O, Edie Beale, Soho, vintage Vogue, science, Woody Allen films, Gloria Steinem, Martha Stewart.
Define “stylish”?
Being comfortable in your own skin. Accepting and embracing ourselves and our bodies for the lovely, weird, interesting, unique look and style that is our own. I don’t listen to any fashion ‘rules’. I’ll wear white whenever the fuck I want, I’ll combine navy & black, black and brown and rock the shit out of it. Style is about knowing yourself enough to know what is you, and wear it comfortably. Then, it doesn’t matter how anyone perceives you or what you are wearing, if it’s real,
authentic, and you, no one can touch that. That, to me, is style.
If I was to compare my collection to a song/movie/book it would be?
if Enderby were a song: I just can’t stop listening to Gracer and Andrew Bird’s Armchair Apocrypha album. Especially ‘Spare-Ohs’ Or a movie: ‘Grey Gardens’
In an ideal universe I would get to dress….(insert name.s.)
My Nana, as a young woman. (This is an ideal and time-travel universe apparently.)
If I could make over one person in this whole wide world it would be? (insert name and describe what
exactly you would do to them)

BRITNEY. Mostly for some major damage control. First and foremost I’d put a pair of granny panties on that homegirl. Then I’d give her a chance to find out who the hell she is, because a woman’s relationship with herself is the most important one. Everything comes from there. Down to your sense of beauty, style, art, and your ability to decide when it’s okay to go commando.
I say DC fashion you say….
Why are you stoked to do STYLEistics (presuming you are stoked, of course)?
Enderby usually kicks it in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and downtown, Manhattan, which is my perfect demographic. I’m from AV/DC and am stoked to see the other remarkably talented designer’s lines, and I’m anxious to see how the district takes in Enderby. Mostly, I’m super-cised to hang with my buddies Clap, Muss & El Harto.
Why should people come to your booth/location/hub and spend all their hard earned money there?
Enderby is a perfect combination of celebrating the old and embracing the new. Enderby pieces are special, one-of-a-kind pieces made from rare, recycled and re-purposed vintage finds. Always stemming from the idea of using and consuming less, and always weaving the images of people, places, flora and fauna into each design. Join the revolt and
rebellion against the Walmartization of middle America by supporting earth-friendly, indie, DIY companies and designers like Enderby Designs.
*NEST- There will be full documentation of killer style, looks and
fashion that NEST will feature in a series of Post-Stylistics Spotlight on D.C. Come to the PRESIDENTIAL SUITE to visit ENDERBY, CLAP & EL HARTO and get FREE gifts, pins, post cards and the chance toshow DC, NY and all the NEST readers that you got style.
The morning after April 21st I plan to…..
Drive back to Brooklyn.

BRIGHTEST YOUNG THINGS hosts STYLISTICS 2, on APRIL 21st, 2007, at the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, D.C. Be there or miss out on a rad night of fashion, music, booze and fun.

As I gear up for this fantastic style event, I thank my lucky stars for lovelies like Svetlana who started this great site. Svetlana clearly makes a point of searching, finding and highlighting the very best of D.C. local designers, bands and artists. I am thrilled to come to my hometown to be a part of such an event. keep checking BYT for more interviews by the designers who will thrill and impress in a couple of weeks.

Brightest Young Things, in Miss Svetlana’s (the genius behind the machine that is, BYT) own words, is….

Brightest young things is a website
the entertainment of your own
DC making.
it came to be one night during a discussion over a perfect cheesecake
happened fast and furiously.
it contains things you need to know to survive the nation’s capital:
the parties you want to go to
the dance moves you want to have
the desserts you want to eat
the pools you wish to crash
the people you want to brunch with every saturday, sunday and monday
(if only you did not have to work).
welcome to our playground