I dig this chick. Amy Winehouse is cheeky and strong and creates an old-school, rich sound that makes me feel like I am in a moody, candle-lit underground London pub listening to a newer, hip-hip version of Ella, Billie or Aretha. A soulful, deep intensity gives her sound a fullness that makes her music layered and melodic.

Not afraid to rock her own style, Amy wears eclectic, different ensembles that seem effortlessly throw on. Winehouse is about to the states this summer. I predict a similar on-set of American kids gettin’ down with Amy, as we have so dutifully jumped on board with with our other U.K. fav, Lily Allen.

Sometimes Winehouse resembles a hotter version of a 1960’s drag-queen with a beehive, but I’m kinda diggin’ it. Any chick this beautiful who is dubbed a “potty-mouthed popstrel”, I can get down with.

And have you seen a cuter guitar?