This Saturday repurpose your old art books by swapping them for used literary gems on design. The whole event is recycling old objects, the price is super-low, and all left-over books will be donated to a prison education program. All ’round a very good, green Saturday.

Don’t forget to bring a canvas bag or two to help you tote home your newly-acquired goods.

I’ll often use one tote as my purse, then roll a couple of extras up and put them in there. That way I won’t have to accept the many plastic bags handed out to me when I pick up a water bottle, local produce from the farmer’s market, or those great, reused art books this weekend.

Whether you are heading to an early-morning yard sale in the suburbs, a fantastically earth-friendly book swap in mid-town Manhattan, or Sunday brunch with pals at your favorite weekend eatery, toting around a canvas bag is a wonderfully earth-friendly habit to get into.

Having a tote in your car or office, an extra one rolled up on the bottom of a larger bag, or one hanging by your front door, can make it easier to reduce the amount of plastic you consume.

Those little choices and changes help us use and consume less plastic. The less plastic we use, the less carbon dioxide is released into the ozone when we make and dispose of it.

Simple, small changes like this is just one way you can help lessen how much you contribute to global warming.