BUST magazine has been one of my very favorite periodicals for over the last year or so since discovering it. Celebrating courageous, fiesty, smart, crafty women who have “somethin’ to say” (just like Jerry Blank). With incredible fashion issues each year, book reviews with a sassy twist and tons of great DIY projects, ideas and companies, BUST is one of the very best alternative periodicals out there.

BUST features style icons I can get down with like Chloe Sevigny, Amy Sedaris, and Zoey Deschanel over the “A group” of Hollywood. I love that BUST is so the quirky, really smart and kinda weird girl from high school. Not so much the popular girl everyone loved, but the more twisted, kinda punk-rock chick who wore strange-yet-cutting-edge ensembles and listened to Sonic Youth and the Pixies before they broke up. BUST is for a girl like me, who prefers Brooklyn to Manhattan, a 40oz. to a Chardonnay, but can wear a vintage evening gown and knock your socks off. Yeah, you know there’s a BUST girl in you too.

BUST decided to see what stylish mavins with moxie read their rad mag, and of course, being the dork that I am, I entered. And who knew?! They totally hand-picked Miss Enderby as one of their most stylish readers to feature on their website’s Top Busties. I am blushing as I type. I totally didn’t make the magazine, but am uber-honored to grace their site.